Home of the Tuxedo Parti-Doodles, Lilleholm Farms is NOT a "kennel", we are a small family farm that specializes in breeding high-quality, healthy, intelligent,hypo-allergenic, non-shedding and extremely loyal Standard F1b and multi-gen Labradoodles with the most desirable temperaments. Our Labradoodles are a part of the family. They are all house trained, and welcome in our home. We do not raise our puppies in a barn. They are all born and raised in our home, and each is treated like one of the family -- from birth on.

Labradoodles are "people" animals. From birth, they are in our home with my family and my children along with many others who love to come and play or cuddle with these adoreable sweet creatures. They become very well socialized and will be familiar with what is expected of them when they arrive at their new homes. This makes for a great, easy transition when they leave their house and become a part of your family. They are extremely smart and super easy to train.

After nearly 20 years of successfully breeding Norwegian Elkhounds, I was introduced to a Labradoodle named Sadie Suzy...and I fell in love! We adopted her into our family home, and I began to research the breed - ultimately deciding to re-shift my focus to this wonderful new breed. We have been lovingly raising Labradoodle puppies for over 8 years now. Lilleholm Farms Labradoodles is very excited to have reached the 4th generation of Labradoodles. Multi-generation Labradoodles are the most highly desired of all Labradoodles -- as all the good qualities (health, temperament, as well as their hypoallergenic and non-shedding traits) are being solidified in the breeding line. The best of the best!

Upon visiting, you will be able to see and meet not only the puppies, but their Grandma, Grandpa, Mother, Father, and siblings from several past litters. This will allow you to see what a great family of Doodles that Lilleholm Farms Labradoodles has, and ultimately help you in your decision making process as you search for the perfect Labradoodle pup for your family. Lilleholm Farms Labradoodles welcomes a visit out to our farm in Iowa - by appointment

Come check out our loving family of Doodles! While we pride ourselves on what we have produced -- we love to share our pride and success with others (in puppy-form ;), so they too can have the BEST family pet they have ever known! Again, just email or call ahead to set up your personal visit. Come see for yourself why Labradoodles have become the #1 family pet in America! And why Lilleholm Farms Labradoodles is the right family of doodles to choose from to become your next family member!

**Although we prefer a visit, we understand that is not always possible. We are always willing to meet our families at a negotiated location for a minimal charge should the need arise. Besides those living locally in Iowa, there are Lilleholm Farm's Labradoodles now living happily with families in Ohio, Michigan, New York, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Florida and Kansas! Please feel free to call and discuss travel arrangements for your puppy. We care about our puppies and want to do what is best for their health and well being. We are willing to ship pups but only if all other options have been exhausted.**